Health, Water & Sanitation


Health, Water & Sanitation clearly covers a very broad set of topics.  Historically, the field of Global Health has generally focused on infectious diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria), maternal & neonatal health, water purification & sanitation (to prevent diarrheal diseases among children).  In these topics, Global Health practitioners have largerly focused on direct delivery of healthcare and development of pharmaceuticals (for immunization and treatment).  And while life expectancy and other health indicators have increased significantly over the past few decades, the differences between populations in developing countries and their counterparts in industrialized countries is staggering.  Health systems in many developing countries are still weak: their citizens still lack access to adequate  clinics, medical devices and clinicians.  Even pharmaceuticals which are subsidized, do not reach the intended beneficiaries. 

Health, Water & Sanitation constitutes a significant portion of LIGTT's work.  Our current focus in on immunization, maternal & neonatal health, targeted infectious & non-communicable diseases, and water & sanitation.


Current portfolio

  • Immunization: A portable, solar-powered vaccine refrigerator
  • Infectious diseases: A low-cost, point-of-service, "lab-on-a-chip" device to diagnose different forms (drug-sensitive and drug-resistant) TB
  • Maternal health: A low-cost, solar-powered medical refrigerator to store blood and thermo-sensitive uterotonics for reducing maternal mortality
  • Neonatal health: A low-cost, low-energy modular incubator for pre-term infants
  • Water & sanitation: An integrated water purification system based on past systems developed by LBNL and partners, combining mechanisms for removing biological pathogens, particular pollutants, and arsenic