There is no realistic path to development without reliable access to energy.  Even as hopes for an adequate grid infrastructure continue to fade, off-grid renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind) are beginning to help developing countries leap-frog the need for heavy infrastructure.  However, the cost of energy production using these sources is projected to be too high for the poor in the foreseeable future; even if they become affordable, unpredictable weather conditions and deteriorating air quality threaten to reduce the effectiveness of such technologies.  In addition, the challenge of inexpensive, reliable and environmentally sound batteries continues to loom large. There are many organizations around the world are already exploring methods to drive down the cost of the traditional renewables and batteries, so it is not clear how much incremental value LIGHT can add.  Hence we are focusing on new low-cost renewable energy production and storage technologies.

Current portfolio

  • An experimental (proprietary) technology for generation and storage of renewable energy, at a cost that is much lower that existing forms of renewable energy (e.g., solar), and can provide reliable power independent of weather conditions.  It is important to note that a number of technical issues need to be resolved before this becomes a reality.